ATOS – Your specialist for hip diseases in Germany

At ATOS, we offer our patients cutting-edge medicine in many different areas, including for hip complaints. The hip is one of the central players when it comes to smooth movement of the body. The hip joint connects the pelvis to the femur, so walking and stabilising of the body are highly dependent on the pelvis. The joint consists of a connection of the acetabulum and femoral head, stabilised by capsules and ligaments. This ligamentous apparatus of the hip is the strongest in the whole body and prevents the hip joint from dislocation. It also ensures that the leg can move flexibly.

There are many other causes of hip problems – and many therapeutic and surgical options

Since the hip is a complex apparatus, there are other causes of possible discomfort. These include free joints, hip impingement and a periprosthetic fracture in the hip. Coxarthrosis (hip osteoarthritis) results in significant pain and restrictions. There are in turn also a variety of different treatment options. Our ATOS experts always work with the latest and most innovative methods, combined with state-of-the-art technology. So we are able to offer you hip TEP (hip endoprosthesis), hip replacement surgery, or hip arthroscopy at the highest medical level.