ATOS – Your specialist for foot and ankle diseases in Germany

Our ATOS experts offer top-quality medicine in many different areas in our clinics, including foot surgery and ankle surgery. The foot consists of a complex interplay of bones, ligaments and muscles. Generally it is divided into the tarsus, metatarsus and toes. The ankle connects the foot to the tibia and fibula. It is divided into the upper and lower ankle joint. It consists of bone on the one hand and variety of ligaments on the other. Due to this structure, the ankle is very prone to injury. The most common is a tear of one or more of the inner or outer bands.

Our ATOS experts are your contact for foot problems.

The foot is one of the most important supporting organs in human beings. If its functionality is limited, walking and standing will be difficult and even impossible without tools. The same applies to the ankle joint. For this reason it is important to treatment by competent expert hands if you experience complaints. Our ATOS specialists have many years of experience in dealing with diseases and injuries of the foot. These include malpositions such as hallux valgus and age-related osteoarthritis such as hallux rigidus.  We can also treat ankle osteoarthritis or an Achilles tendon injury professionally. Even seemingly minor problems such as heel spurs are part of our expertise.

In the event that you need surgery on your foot or ankle, our foot surgery/ankle surgery techniques meet the highest standards. We see a positive recovery course as a result of close cooperation between patient and doctor and will make all processes as transparent as possible in your interest. We therefore cooperate closely with your attending physician, orthopaedic technicians and health insurance companies. With state-of-the-art technology and innovative treatment methods, we can also support you in regaining a pain-free life – in various ATOS Clinics in Germany.

Find out more about foot and ankle surgery

  • Foot surgery is possible under both general anesthesia and partial anesthesia; a range of anesthesia procedures is available in our private clinics for this purpose.
  • In most cases, you can place weight on your foot on the first day after surgery. In order for this to be possible, we will provide you with a special therapeutic shoe that enables you to stay mobile.
  • For certain indications it is possible and sensible for both feet to be operated on simultaneously. Your doctor will advise you and weigh the pros and cons with you.
  • Common problems of the feet include hallux valgus and claw toes. The most important question our patients have is often whether the complaints can return after an operation: We can reassure you here – provided that you wear comfortable and reasonably fitting shoes.
  • Of course you need responsive feet to drive a car. Please be aware that as a rule, you cannot drive for six weeks after a foot operation.