ATOS – Your hand specialist in Germany

Our ATOS experts offer top medical care in every respect – for hand problems as well. The human gripping tool consists of 27 bones. It is formed from the metatarsal root, fingers and a variety of muscles, tendons and nerves. The hand is movable and can be used very precisely due to this variety of different components. But its delicate structure also makes the hand susceptible to wear and injuries.

Hand orthopaedics is specialised care

Hand orthopaedics includes the treatment of diseases, injuries or malformations of the fingers, hands, wrists and forearms up to the elbow (tennis elbow). Whether it is minor hand injuries, rhizarthrosis, or complex nerve dysfunction syndrome (carpal syndrome): The medical team at ATOS Clinics, our specially trained nursing staff, our innovative conservative and operative therapies and last but not least our medical equipment make our clinics a leading European expertise centre for hand orthopaedics.

Our ATOS experts are among the most renowned hand specialists in Germany. Always on the cutting edge of research and technology, we can offer you hand treatments at the highest level.

You can rely on the expertise of our highly specialised and renowned physicians for hand pain in our ATOS clinics.