The ATOS Group – Experienced and renowned top medical doctors

Our ATOS specialists are among the most respected experts in their subjects – both in Germany and internationally.  The first ATOS Clinic was founded in Heidelberg in 1991. It was the foundation stone for us being able to offer you the medical and human expertise of some of the best doctors in Germany today. The name ATOS stands for cutting-edge medicine with that certain something.

Our concept of uniting highly specialised and internationally renowned specialists as partners under one roof has since been copied frequently – but the original remains unrivalled. This is also reflected in the FOCUS physician list every year – A large number of our ATOS specialists regularly receive awards here based on their outstanding medical achievements.

ATOS – Recovery with feel-good factor in a hotel ambience

ATOS means hospital stays at a hotel level and individual care for each patient, to name just a few things. All of our employees endeavour to offer you medical services at the highest level – combined with top service and a certain feel-good factor. In addition to our top medical doctors, we are characterised by other aspects – such as highly qualified nurses and a high care ratio. Not only a pleasant environment, but also human warmth supports the healing process, so it is very important to us to offer you only the best service.

Your safety and health are central to our work. That is why our hygiene management goes far beyond the legal standards. This allows us to create an environment in which hospital infections are prevented as effectively as possible.

ATOS – surgery and rehabilitation from a single source

An operation is only the starting point on the path to recovery. Surgical follow-up care, for which we are also optimally equipped, is equally important for a successful treatment. On the one hand, we offer you rehabilitation measures in our ATOS clinics; and on the other hand, you can benefit from our partnership with the rehabilitation clinic chain MEDIAN. This allows close coordination of therapies and post-treatment plans, which supports holistic treatment success.

ATOS – The highest quality, from Germany

At our ATOS Clinics you can expect top-quality medicine – in more and more places in Germany. Supporting you in your health is not just our profession – it is our calling. To do this in the best possible way, our ATOS experts offer you diagnoses, surgeries and conservative therapies at various locations throughout Germany. Some of the best orthopaedic specialists in Germany work at our clinics in Heidelberg, Hamburg, Munich and Cologne – and many highly respected specialists from other disciplines such as anaesthesia, ear, nose and throat, general surgery, proctology and physiotherapy.


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ATOS Orthoparc Klinik Köln
Aachener Straße 1021 B
50858 Cologne

Our contact details – How to contact us

ATOS Klinik Heidelberg
Bismarckstraße 9-15
69115 Heidelberg

Our contact details – How to contact us

ATOS Clinic Fleetinsel Hamburg
Admiralitätstraße 3-4
20459 Hamburg

Our contact details – How to contact us

ATOS Klinik München
Effnerstraße 38
81925 Munich